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Eugene Ahn collaborated with Ismael de Anda III for Berlin 2023 art exhibition utilizing digital technology, investigating notions of territorialization/ re-territorialization/ de-territorialization, which intersects imagery from the U.S./Mexico Gateway where Ismael de Anda III was raised, incorporating augmented reality features and aerial imagery, including de Anda’s ancestral family farm on the banks of the Rio Grande/ Rio Bravo River on the hinge of the U.S./ Mexico Gateway, and Berlin, organized by interactive media artist Eugene Ahn. Showing at Panke Gallery from 24 August to 02 September 2023 | Wed to Sat · 3–7pm | Vernissage 24 Aug 2023 7pm-10pm
Eugene Ahn created interactive augmented reality and lenticular images as part of art collaboration with Ismael de Anda III. Presented by Port Perak and AOC F58 Galleria Bruno Lisi as a satellite exhibition for the Pera + Flora + Fauna collateral event of the 59th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia. Rome. July 18-30, 2022.
Eugene Ahn collaborated with Ismael de Anda III on new interactive work exhibited in this 2021 group show on the rooftop of the historic Bendix Building in downtown Los Angeles.
Eugene Ahn collaborated with Ismael de Anda III on new interactive work exhibited in this 2021 group show at Angels Gate Cultural Center in Los Angeles.
Eugene Ahn redesigned the website of Nashville-based interior designers Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward.
Eugene Ahn's photograph of artist Anna Oxygen in the groundbreaking Cloud Eye Control extended reality performance Half Life (2015) illustrates Art in America's survey of significant art bands of the new millennium.
Digital media artist and educator Eugene Ahn tells the story of PVNet, a community nonprofit STEM technology center that started producing face shields for health care workers and first responders when its center was closed along with other businesses as part of California's Safer-at-Home quarantine.
Aerial photography by drone pilot Eugene Ahn was used by the Argonaut News for its February 2020 cover story on the opening of the Los Angeles' tenth emergency homeless shelter, located in the seaside neighborhood of Venice.
Knot explorer Eugene Ahn was scheduled to lead ropework activities as part of the Earth Day 2020 community celebration on April 4, 2020 at Los Angeles State Historic Park, but the event was postponed as a public safety response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Eugene Ahn produced the website redesign for Marta Becket's historic Amargosa Opera House, Hotel, and Cafe in Death Valley Junction, California.
Eugene Ahn designed and built the website for Baltimore rockers Charm City Devils.
Eugene Ahn designed and built the website for the Memphis metal band Egypt Central.
Eugene Ahn designed and built the website for Small Town, a new American neighborhood restaurant in Los Angeles' Silver Lake neighborhood.
Eugene Ahn designed and built the website for music scoring collaborators Dhani Harrison and Paul Hicks.
Eugene Ahn designed and built the website for musical legend Boz Scaggs.
Eugene Ahn designed and built the website for the George Harrison Estate's record label promoting Indian classical music.
six lane starry night is the online project space for Eugene Ahn's ongoing studium poeticum through the practice of climbing suspension bridges
Eugene Ahn created this experimental online word processor to explore the sculptural nature of texts.
There are no words available at this time to describe the dynamic image-aggregating website that Eugene Ahn built as a creative inquiry into the role of images in self-generating narratives.
Eugene Ahn replied: This website is a labor of love. One Friday evening in the spring of 2006, I was sitting in the cavernous practice room at Center for Yoga in Los Angeles, attending a yoga teacher training session. My teachers, Jeanne Heileman and Natasha Rizopoulos, arranged the group in a large circle around a pile of books -- all various translations of Patanjali's yoga sutras. We spent the evening looking up sutra after sutra, exploring the different translations. Through this activity, a difficult text became accessible to me. Also, it marked the beginning of a new appreciation for the nuance and poetry of the yoga sutras. I continue to read the yoga sutras in this way, by consulting several texts simultaneously. Now, almost two years later, this website is an attempt to honor and replicate that original experience, and it is an important resource in my ongoing personal study of the yoga sutras.
Eugene Ahn is the website designer for entertainer Jack Dishel's star-studded YouTube comedy web series.
Eugene Ahn is the website designer for musician Dhani Harrison's record label.
Knot explorer Eugene Ahn led ropework activities as part of the CausePlay community celebration on May 27, 2018 at Los Angeles State Historic Park.
Eugene Ahn redesigned the website for the promoters of the Best Fest concert series.
Knot explorer Eugene Ahn teaches knot typing at Bowtie Field Day on Saturday, April 21, 2018, at the Bowtie Project partnership between Clockshop and California State Parks.
Eugene Ahn designed and built the website for the Topanga Canyon energetic healer Shari Geitzenauer.
Eugene Ahn builds and animates websites for supermodel singer songwriter Karen Elson.
Eugene Ahn photographs the Lucky Peach article by Tove Danovich.
Eugene Ahn flew the drone used for aerial footage and interaction with performers in the Tara Jane O'Neil music video, "BLOW", released April 21, 2017.
Knot explorer Eugene Ahn taught lovers of the urban outdoors how to tie knots especially useful around urban waterways. Saturday, February 11, 2017, at the Bowtie Project partnership between Clockshop and California State Parks.
Eugene Ahn produced designs and interactive media for Regina Spektor's website.
Knot explorer Eugene Ahn taught urban campers how to tie knots especially useful around waterways. May 21, 2016, at California State Park's Bowtie Project.
Eugene Ahn designed the survey sculptures and pathfinding rituals featured in the Seeing Trails DFA land art performance series Land and Spirit, activating an alternative navigation of contemporary nuclear energy aspirations for the barren Utah landscape around the Blue Castle geological formation as part of High Desert Test Sites: Epicenter, October 2015.
Knot explorer Eugene Ahn taught urban campers how to tie knots especially useful around waterways. October 17, 2015, at California State Park's Bowtie Project.
Eugene Ahn photographs the food featured in Lucky Peach's We Love Mom online recipe column.
Eugene Ahn committed an act of food pornography for Lucky Peach's website.
Eugene Ahn builds things like websites and tipis for Father John Misty.
Eugene Ahn leads a month-long knot immersion workshop series exploring the practical, cultural, contemplative, and spiritual facets of knotwork. March 2015.
When Father John Misty wanted to launch a fake streaming music service to parody the music industry and tech startups, he called on Eugene Ahn to design and build a website that blew up Twitter for a day.
Eugene Ahn photographed Night + Market's street-style Thai weenie dishes for Lucky Peach issue #10, on newsstands February 25, 2014.
The website was created by handstand enthusiast Eugene Ahn and appeared on the Internet in the fall of 2006, about two years after Eugene tried his first handstand in a yoga class at Yoga Works' Center for Yoga in Los Angeles.
Eugene Ahn created and maintains the website for Forage Restaurant, located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Seeing Trails - Ten Essential Knots with Eugene Ahn
Master ten knots essential to the success of any outdoor adventure. Workshop led by Eugene Ahn at the Seeing Trails lodge, November 23, 2014.
Guided instruction on how to rappel, from a climber with 20+ years of mountaineering experience.
Eugene Ahn is interviewed in the award-winning documentary Urban Fruit, which chronicles the aspirations and challenges of citizen food growers throughout Los Angeles.
Knot explorer Eugene Ahn joins TreePeople's earthworks workshop to demonstrate effective knots for securing rain capture berms. November 1, 2015, at California State Park's Bowtie Project.
Eugene Ahn's build of the Father John Misty merch tent of February 2015 is documented in an FJM music video collab with Urban Outfitters.
Eugene Ahn's website for project tracking connections between food and culture.
Eugene Ahn created the website of an international yoga teacher trainer using specific yoga principles regarding unity and flow to guide design aesthetic.
Eugene Ahn genre-mashes food photography and street photography for Lucky Peach with a photograph of a mochi waffle on concrete.
Eugene Ahn leads a reading group through the Simon Buxton memoir, focusing on understanding, appreciating, and unpacking the book from the specific frames of depth psychology and beekeeping practice.
By Eugene Ahn | August 30, 2013 Earlier this month I took my first prototype bamboo backpack into the mountains. It served as my primary gear carry for a climb up Mount Langley in the eastern Sierra Nevada. The trip represented more than a first full field test for the pack. It was also the pack's maiden voyage, given that it was expected to perform all functions without any backup alternative in the event of failure.
Eugene Ahn climbs naked in "an experimental short about the illusive nature of love" by filmmaker Natasha Maidoff.
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Media Architect Eugene Ahn serves on the board of directors for one of Los Angeles' longest-running multicultural arts organizations.
Alpha*60 experimental short - Deconstruction of American political and cultural fabric during the run-up to the Iraq War, utilizing appropriated mass media images and spoken word of text appropriated from unsolicited junk mail. Filmmakers: Eugene Ahn, Charlotte Spielmann, Craig Stein
In case you haven't figured out by now, this is not an actual Google search result page. It is a design tribute honoring the ubiquitous Google search result page. In this tribute, Eugene Ahn assembled content that might typically appear in his curriculum vitae and repurposed it in one of the most common types of web page layouts, the summary report of dynamically generated content. This page is regularly reference in classroom settings to teach students of web design how design transmits rules of engagement to users and, in turn, governs how users approach and receive content.